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Geeks spend a lot of time talking about the best way to run a software projects. 

But no method works without trust. 

Trust that when something unexpected comes up, we’ll fix it. 

Trust that we can find a solution. 

Trust that we are working with competent people, both in the business and technically.  And that these people want to succeed together. 

Without trust, you have endless discussions about the statement of work.   About what’s in scope.  About he said what to whom.    

Trust understands that being a great contributor doesn’t mean that you never make a mistake.  It does mean that you fix it promptly when it’s pointed out. 

Trust means that we want to fair deal for all sides. 

When a client trusts the consultant, they understand that as needs change, the budget changes to. 

When a consultant trusts the client, they know that they want to only charge for work that delivers value. 

So, when a project isn’t working, ask first.  Do you trust the folks your working with?  And if you don’t, what can you do to fix that? 

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