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You want to be smarter. You want to make more money.  I want to help.  But I know that I can’t help everyone.   

There are three kinds of business: Fantastic, Challenging and Solid.  I’m the best fit for solid businesses.   

Here’s why: 

Fantastic:  Some folks just have great brands and/or great margins.  Which means that I can’t really help you make more money.  In the past, I had many of these clients who where it made sense to throw money at certain problems instead of solving them.   If you’re that company, congratulations.   10 years ago we would have been a great fit. 

Challenging: narrow margin businesses have to watch every penny. I grew up in men’s retail so I know what that’s like.  You need to do watch very penny to make things work. As a consultant, it’s going to be hard for me to help you because I can’t do everything you probably need done. 

Then there are the solid businesses. Where the right data and the right focus can turn a marginal business into a great business.  If you think this is you, let’s talk. 

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