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Do these jeans make me look fat? 

Can you answer yes to these 500 questions about your software?  

When you ask impossible questions, you share the blame you receive less than truthful answers.  

I’ve implemented software, sold software, bought software, and managed software selections for clients.  I’ve also gotten not a few solid clients who bought something that didn’t work as expected.  People who say “but they told us it would . . .”  And their projects suffer for it. 

And I get it.   Software salespeople can, to be charitable, stretch the truth.  But the market encourages that behavior. Because many prospects are looking for a miracle, not for a decent solution.  And perfect solutions don’t exist.   

Worse, there are consultants that are happy to take your money to encourage your delusion and create a 500-line RFP.  An RFP which tests nothing but the truth stretching abilities of the sales team.  

There’s plenty of solid software out there.  There’s no perfect software. 

Understand that and you might actually get more truthful answers to your questions.

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