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What you need

You have a problem with data or enterprise systems. 

You’re thinking of/starting/in the middle of a project to solve your problem.  I can help with :

Here’s how I can help

Project Design/Selection

You have a problem and you’re not actually sure how to proceed.

We won’t assume that you need new software, new technology or even new people. 

Rather, we’ll talk about your challenges.  And I’ll make recommendations based upon the dozens of projects I’ve run over the years.

Project Leadership

You have a project ready to go.  Maybe we worked together to choose this direction.

But you don’t have the skill in house to keep it moving forward and getting it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I can be that leader.   I’ll bring my understanding of technology, business process and finance to help you get to where you need to go.  And here’s why you shouldn’t confuse project leadership and project management.

Project Rescue

Things aren’t good.

Maybe you selected a partner that’s not working out.

Maybe the testing isn’t going well. Deadlines are slipping and costs are mounting.

Let’s talk about how to get things back on track.  Or maybe decide that it’s time to put your current effort out of its misery and regroup for a new project.