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Most folks have an idea about what a project manager does. But maybe don’t know what a project leader is about.

Project management tells you what needs to get done to make your project work.

Project leadership makes sure you’re doing the right project.

Project management tells you where you are.

Project leadership tells you how you’re going to make sure you get where you are going.

Project management relies on models that have worked before.

Project leadership helps figure out if those models are helpful.

Project management tells you what resources you need.

Project leadership thinks for options when you don’t have those exact resources.

Making sure you have all your details under control is clearly important to project success.  But it’s not the best use of my skills or your money.

Together, we can decide who’s the best fit for project manager.  If you have someone on your staff, I’m happy to work closely with them to make sure that the ducks are all in a row.

And if you need some additional help, I’m happy to provide options. 

But my value is in project leadership, not project management.

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