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So, I’ve talked about numbers that are too big to fix and numbers that don’t matter. 

I can now start the real discussion – numbers that make a difference. 

Again, I’m interested in gyms and I’m currently working on my first gym client (I’ve learned the basics from working as the treasurer of my local Y) 

The only thing small training gyms are the members. Yes, you might sell t-shirts or coffee, but you have to do a lot of that in order to get the value of a member. 

There are three key ways to get money for members: 

  1. Find new members 
  1. Keep existing Members 
  1. Get more money from existing or potential members. 

Let’s understand why all these issues are numbers that matter. 

If you just want a member who shows up, let’s say you get $200 every month for that member.  If you don’t need to hire more instructors for your classes, then that’s $200 every month that goes straight into your pocket.   So, it would seem that’s a great thing to focus on.  $200 a month is a great way to dig out of your hole.   But is it the best way? Stay tuned. 

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