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Here’s my smart watch:

It doesn’t tell me the exact minutes I slept or the steps I took.  But I work out five to six times a week.  And at my last annual physical, all my numbers were just fine. 

So, I don’t need detailed information about every moment of every day.  And I made this decision before folks realized that neurotic tracking of every step you take might not be a good thing. 

Everything does NOT have to be measured does not need to be measured every day.  And measuring too many things will drive you crazy. 

Also, sometimes we don’t need measurement to know how to improve.  As in, when I drink alcohol, my sleep is messed up.  When I don’t drink alcohol, I sleep soundly through the night.  Of course, it’s easier to buy a fancy watch than it is to stop drinking.  At least you feel you’re doing something. 

Which is true in business is well. If some things are doing OK, there’s no need to obsess.   And if things are messed up, searching for the perfect measure can be as much an excuse as an answer. 

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