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I was talking to one of my clients.  I work out in his gym so I know his trainers.  He was saying that most of his people would never really move beyond where they were. 

Which I understood. 

Because the fundamental fact is that most people will never manage anyone in life.   Nor do they want to manage anyone.  Nor do they have the skill to manage anyone. 

Look around and this is pretty obvious. Restaurants have been cooks then chefs and wait staff than managers.  Gyms have more trainers than managers.  Accounting departments have more analysts then controllers. 

Most people don’t want to manage.   

But as business owners, we (including me) miss this obvious fact.   Because we always wanted to run things. We wanted more control.  We wanted to grow.   

So, we think other people are like us.  And we are disappointed. 

If you want to find people  to lead and manage, you have to explicitly look for people to lead and manage. 

Because most people will never manage anyone. 

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