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I am blessed that I know lots of smart people. They work in very different fields—from physical therapy to architecture to massage to even computer systems and finance. But they share one thing in common.

They know that however much they know about their current field, there is always something new to learn. Maybe it comes from a formal course and maybe from a new situation. But they’re always learning. So, while maybe they don’t learn something new every day, month by month and year by they are getting smarter.

In contrast, when I meet clients with folks who “know all they need to know” it’s a warning sign. While maybe not falling into the trap of the expert beginner, when you think you know everything, it probably means that you know very little. And that what you’re doing could be improved.

How do you encourage your team to keep learning? How do they share that learning? How do you make sure that the team gets smarter month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year?

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