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My client has a gym.  And we’ve some ways where he can make more money pretty quickly. (As in we’re on track for a $5-$8K increase in profit this year.   

But he might make even more money if he dumbed down his offering.  Indeed, there are several gym coaching companies out there who are all about maximizing revenue by keeping things as simple as possible. 

But he wants to balance the money he makes and the quality of service he wants to deliver.  Which I know. Because I’m also his client.  And the guy is just really into providing quality training for all his clients.And he has to balance his financial goals and his interest goals. 

Which is part of why I enjoy working with him.  Because where I am now in my career, I want to be rewarded for my efforts. But I also want to love and respect what my client is doing. 

Which means more is important.  But the most money isn’t. 

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