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Free heroin is NOT a good deal 

When you’re considering a new solution, there’s one question you need to ask: 

Are most of the companies using this software about your size?    

Too many folks focus on the details of what a package can or cannot do. Or, driven by ego, they “plan for growth”.  And don’t remember that size really, really matters. 

For example, let’s take workflow complexity.  In a big company, it may be necessary to have complex workflow to approve and post invoices.  And it makes sense that some things need to “run overnight”.  In a small company, anything more than pushing a button may be too time consuming 

Then there’s staffing.  Big software consultants are very specialized.  And if you’re not so big, you can go crazy having to ask five people to get a full answer.  Further, big software vendors assume big client teams.  Teams with people whose job is knowing a piece of software.  Dedicated people who don’t exist in smaller organizations. 

And never forget cost.  Even if you get a great deal.   Or, maybe it was almost free because you’re a non-profit that takes care of orphans. Because every consultant, every upgrade, every customization is going to cost more.  If resources aren’t gobbled up by the people with the big budgets. 

Because free heroin is never a bargain. 

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