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There are those who think that data can solve all your problems. 

Others focus on feelings. Are people motivated?  Do they want to move forward. 

I’m convinced that you need both.  And I think that most folks if they think of their own lives, know this to be true. 

Let’s take an example that almost everyone knows and hates – weight loss. 

Data in and of itself won’t save you.  Otherwise all those calorie counts that appeared on menus might have had a visible effect on obesity.  Yeah, there are those folks who’ll say “Gee, I didn’t know drinking a six pack of soda every day was bad for me.”  But most people know otherwise.  Even with the data, they need a find a way to act. 

On the other hand, without data, you can very easily fool yourself.  I ran across this Trevor Kashey quote great quote in The Comfort Crisis “When you learn how much a serving of peanut butter actually is it is completely soul Crushing” 

Success of combination of knowing and acting. You need to understand numbers and people to get to profit. 

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