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In any business, as in any part of life, there are things that aren’t perfect. Maybe just barely acceptable. Or really could use improving. 

And if you’re a certain kind of person, (a person like me), this can drive you a little crazy. Because you want everything to work a certain way.

But change is hard, and time is limited. So, whether for my own life or for my clients, I try to ask two questions:

  1. Is this endangering the survival of my business?
  2. Will fixing this allow me to take more money out of the business?

And if I can’t answer yes, it means that I probably should accept the irritation and move on to something else.

So, perhaps:

Accounting spends too much time on Excel.

Or your billing process isn’t as automated as you might like.

Or it takes more time than you think it should to get a new employee onto your system.

And all these things should be fixed.

But if you’re sales aren’t where they need to be. Or a couple of customers are bleeding you dry, all these things have to wait. Because while irritating, they won’t kill you, and fixing them right now won’t make you richer.Because it’s OK if some things are not perfect.

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