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Can you’re team actually say what they’re thinking?  Or are they afraid? 

I’ve been frequently told that I say what everyone else is thinking. And indeed, especially when powered by numbers, I see no reason to hold back. 

But while there’s a value to using a consultant to deliver hard messages, an outside person should never be a crutch.  I get it’s easier for me. I’m not financially dependent on any one client.  Nor do I have to work with your team day in and day out. 

Still, you need to ask yourselves:  What don’t you talk about?   Part of the reason we start with data is that data tells us all what what’s really going on.  What really makes money.  Who earns their keep. 

But once you have this data, can you act on it?  Can you share it?  Are you afraid of losing key people? 

I’m happy to share my opinion.   But our bigger challenge is getting you and your team to have those honest conversations.    

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