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Most normal folks don’t get involved in business for the sheer love of financial statements or systems. 

To stay in business, they need to get the basics down.  And I’ve seen lots of folks who didn’t like numbers get to the point where they could use them.  

Because they were willing to work. 

To ask the same question a few times.  To insist that their financial gurus speak in plain English.  To never pretend they understood when they didn’t. 

I am natural with numbers.  But I know what it’s like to learn something slowly.  At 55, I love my workouts.  I get complemented on my yoga practice.  I’m a strong cyclist.  And I swim well enough that I’m the Michael Phelps of the local Y (even if I’m still back of the pack with my master’s swim team.)   

And none of the this came from natural ability. I was the last kid picked for every team from kindergarten through high school. 

I’ve just been willing to push.  And I’ve had some great coaches along the way. 

I want to be that coach for all those folks who think they don’t have natural ability with numbers. 

I don’t expect you to grow to love numbers the way I love my workouts. But I do believe you can make numbers work for you. 

If you are willing to work. 

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