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Great companies excel at product and sales.

They may still have challenges getting answers to key questions from their data.

Which is why folks hire me.

My clients have challenges with data, enterprise systems and finance. They use my help to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Adam Jacobson

Past Project Examples

Business model restructuring for recurring revenue

My previous company was purchased along with eight others. I led the restructuring of the data center and project-based consulting practice into a recurring revenue SaaS model.

Combining financial data from around the world

Client was part of a role up of financial communication companies around the world. I led the project to integrate financial data from multiple merged companies in the US, UK, and Sweden, allowing the company to meet private equity investor and regulatory reporting requirements.

Getting registers to ring

Client had acquired multiple groups of franchised restaurants. I coached the IT management staff to allow them to move out of the programming details and actually manage their departments, eliminating mistakes that jeopardized sales.

Eliminating six-figure penalties

Better reporting can be a nice-to-have. But for this non-profit, it was absolutely critical. I led the restructuring of the accounting system, reducing mandated reporting from nine months to six weeks, saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Cutting through a customers backlog

Client had a custom MRP system with 30 years of legacy code. The combination of legacy code and legacy coders meant that they were waiting six months to get new customers on EDI. We redesigned the interface and eliminated the backlog. Eventually, helped select software to replace legacy systems.

Helping the board understand the budget

New CEO at local JCC had major challenges getting what she needed from her finance team. As voluntary treasurer, I helped rebuild the finance function including hiring a new audit firm and new CFO. Also, focused the board on what numbers really mattered.