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Names are just names.  But if you called a rose a daisy, it would confuse people. 

If you’re going to succeed, you need to get your terms straight. 

If some folks talk about available inventory and others open inventory, I want to know why.  And if some members are enrolled and others enrollable, I want to make sure that there’s a real difference and that everyone understands that difference.  And indeed, we might want to change the language if it’s that confusing. 

If different financial statements group things inconsistently, they better have a really good reason for doing so.  Because all these different things cause chaos. 

Like waistlines and government debt, terminology grows over time.  Different merged companies don’t surrender their own special language.  Programmers have idiosyncratic visions and lack supervision.  Jill in purchasing really dislikes Jack in finance.   

Whatever the reason, project success starts with getting your terms straight.   

Because when you order a dozen roses, you don’t want a dozen daisies. 

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